robmorganllc, landscape architecture, is a design studio I established in 2013. I’ve been a registered landscape architect since 1992. I worked in Seattle with two firms through much of the 1990’s and have practiced in northeast Ohio since 1999. Working with fellow landscape architect Jim McKnight (McKnight & Associates) in Cleveland for 14 years, we completed many projects in northeast Ohio and throughout the region. My work in the field of landscape architecture covers a broad range of project types including: Site Master Planning; Park & Trail Planning; Natural Resource Planning, including Stormwater Management and Natural Areas Restoration; Streetscapes; College & University Campuses; Playgrounds and Learning Gardens; Civic; Commercial; and Single and Multifamily Residential Projects. The scale of projects range from large park and trail systems to small residential gardens.

My client base has included city & local governments, colleges & universities, park, planning and engineering departments, transportation organizations, private developers, corporations, non-profit organizations, architects and engineers, and individual landowners. I have extensive experience in public presentation, cost estimating, conceptual design, master planning, construction documentation, project management, and jurisdictional code and LEED compliance. My skills include over 20 years of AutoCAD experience and presentation and visual simulation work with the Adobe Creative Suite package.

I have been a guest lecturer and reviewer with a focus on site assessment, context & design at the Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design. I served on Cleveland’s Gateway Neighborhood Design Review Committee for a number of years. I have a special interest in integrating natural systems and elements into project designs. My passion for natural areas is a continuing source of inspiration and helps me assess the qualities of native plantings and to learn ways to incorporate them more effectively into planting design. Memberships and corporate support have included: Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio + Ohio Prairie Association + Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves Association (ONAPA) + Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership for Biodiversity (LEAP)

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